The way to our House

ナビ設定 " 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字冨着189-1" または " 恩納 タイガービーチ"
Address put into Navigation System "Fuchaku, Kunigami District, 189-1, Onna, Okinawa, Japan"

first Entrance from Naha Airport. "Okinawa Highway Tomigusuku Entrance"

first Entrance from Central Naha. "Okinawa Highway Naha Entrance"

高速出口です。"石川" Exit of the highway. "Ishikawa"

高速を降りた最初の交差点は右に曲がります。Turn Right to Onna at first conner of cross road.

Attention! Don't miss it. Don't go straight, Run side road to Moon beach and Tiger beach.

You can find two right conner from following down side road, Please choose the way in the back.

It is the first checkpoint beginning to run the coastline. It is very convenient around here. There are many restaurants and 24 hours stores in the Moon beach and Tiger  beach. It's about 1km from House.

You'll arrive in about 5 minutes.

Following Lawson, Gas stations ENEOS is Check Point. Please buy something at 24hours store around here. (There is one other Store in near house)

Getting closer. A special landmark features "Moai statue" of the left hand. It is a restaurant that will eat Okinawan cuisine to the right. Please comes to dinner or lunch.

Don't miss the Moai Statue. This is a very famous Okinawa Beef Restaurant. Please book before you visit.

You can see the Beautiful & Large gate "Hotel Monterey Okinawa" in the left hand. (This is the best mark)

Check point of the Closest 24hours Store Coco!

Attention! the last point to Turn left to the house. Here is very close to the point. Please don't miss it.

Attention! the last point to Turn left to the house. Here is very close to the point. Please don't miss it.

Is here! Signal is mark. It is hard to find to enter the left here.


上から見たらこんな感じ。 View from Sky.

Our House is on the left when running on the beach about 100m for a while.
Here We Are! Enjoy Okinawa!!

Putting a logo sticker of Airbnb to entrance and mailbox. (Sometimes they have been blown away in the wind)

There is a key box in a post box.

Please adjust the PIN Code of the key box.

There is a Key inside Box. Please return key back inside a box when you leave.
Key numbers has been difficult to move in the sea breeze, and the left and right buttons is in the hard push.
Please call to our support desk if you have any trouble.

Okinawa Highway 29.7 mi, 50 mins
In current traffic: 55 mins

Driving directions to Japan, Okinawa-ken, Kunigami-gun, Onna-son, Fuchaku, 186
This route has tolls.Naha Airport Station

1. Head north on National Highway Route 332 west toward Naha Road / Route 58
0.5 mi

2. Turn right at Naha Airport entrance (intersection) to stay on National Highway Route 332
1.2 mi

3. Continue onto National Highway Route 331
0.6 mi

4. Turn right at Meiji Bridge (intersection) onto Naha Eastern Bypass / National Highway Route 329
3.4 mi

5. At Uema (intersection), continue onto County Road 82 Route
1.2 mi

6. Take the ramp on the right onto Okinawa Expressway
Toll road
19.4 mi

7. Take exit high speed IC toward Ishikawa Prefectural Route 73
Toll road
0.5 mi

8. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Ishikawa bypass Nakadomari
Toll road
118 ft

9. Turn right onto County Road 73 Route
1.4 mi

10. Slight left to stay on County Road 73 Route
0.5 mi

11. Turn right at Nakadomari (intersection) onto Route 58
0.9 mi
Okinawa-ken, Kunigami-gun, Onna-son, Fuchaku, 186